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“Urban Interactives developed a very funny Penalty Stroke game for an international tradeshow. With a short project lead time and a tight budget they have achieved a fantastic result.”
Gea Buijs, Rabobank
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Our off-the-shelve products have a short development time. You will apply gamification in marketing and have your brand experience in no time.

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We can build a custom experience for your needs. To explore ideas, check out real-life examples of our custom brand experiences.

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We want to share our valuable insights about gamification and brand interaction with you. Enjoy the researches we gathered for you:

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Create traffic by being visible for your visitors.

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Get visitors to engage and enjoy your experience.

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June 8, 2015 – Launching a new product on a trade show is never easy. This article will introduce five vital steps in product launching. They are supported by scientific researches…[Read more]

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curious cat

Evoke curiosity and stand out in a trade show

March 31, 2015 – As it is said that curiosity kills the cat, we can learn how strong driving force curiosity is. When you are planning a trade show presence, consider curiosity as a powerful tool… [Read more]




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